Stash Enjoyment 2021 – Selling Contentment

**This post is part of my series about using and enjoying the yarn and patterns you have. For more information, click the “Stash Enjoyment 2021” link below to read my original blog post.** In preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021, I’ve been reading the blogs of Felicia Semple. Her journey through what she calls “Stash Less”Continue reading “Stash Enjoyment 2021 – Selling Contentment”

Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO

“The shop update is at 7 pm, and last time it sold out within 30 minutes!” Have you seen those words in the past from a yarn dyer you loved and panicked? You’ve experienced FOMO. FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) is that anxious feeling you get when you see a product or event thatContinue reading “Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO”

Stash Enjoyment 2021

I recently found the GORGEOUS array of yarns in the photo above when I went digging through my stash for a potential project. My husband had asked for a stripey poncho (it turns out he actually wants a cabled hoodie, but more about that later!) so I set to work putting colors together.  He lookedContinue reading “Stash Enjoyment 2021”


Goal writing posts are everywhere this time of year, and apparently my blog is no different! This year I’m making goals that are more general and attainable, rather that super specific. Goal 1: Finish or Frog all WIPS started before 2020. I did a lot of this already, and I’m down to about 9 WIPS/UFOS.Continue reading “Goals”

What’s Up With All the Mohair?

Edit (12:07 PM, 11/20/19): It has come to my attention since I wrote this article that I have sorely neglected to mention a very important mohair source – small, local farms! I plan to correct this lapse in a future article. Every so often trends pop up in the fiber arts community that cause questions.Continue reading “What’s Up With All the Mohair?”