Knitting and Crochet Pattern Pricing

  Pattern pricing is a common topic of discussion among knitting and crochet designers. Recently a friend who predominantly designs knitting patterns asked me, as a knitting and crochet designer, “how much will crocheters pay for patterns?” It’s a good question. As with any industry, there are some biases and stereotypes in this question. TheContinue reading “Knitting and Crochet Pattern Pricing”

Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO

“The shop update is at 7 pm, and last time it sold out within 30 minutes!” Have you seen those words in the past from a yarn dyer you loved and panicked? You’ve experienced FOMO. FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) is that anxious feeling you get when you see a product or event thatContinue reading “Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO”