Uplift Make Along May Prize Sponsors

It’s month two of the Uplift Make Along, a three month event created to support and bring visibility to designers who aren’t “famous” (yet!) in the fiber arts design community. Some wonderful makers have generously donated prizes for the event participants (which could include you) – so here they are! Winners for these prizes willContinue reading “Uplift Make Along May Prize Sponsors”

Uplift Make Along April Sponsors (Part 1)

The Uplift Make Along is in full swing! So far it’s been a great time of discovering new designers, exploring the Mighty Network together, and dipping our toes into the pool of the event. This first sponsor post has been a long time coming because makers keep offering prizes (and because my computer intermittently decidesContinue reading “Uplift Make Along April Sponsors (Part 1)”

Afterthought Heel Pickup Photo Tutorial

Ready to cut your knitting? This tutorial is for a true afterthought heel – one where you measure to the correct spot, and then follow the instructions below to begin to insert the heel. If you’re wondering why I don’t knit a line of waste yarn into the sock at the correct height, it’s becauseContinue reading “Afterthought Heel Pickup Photo Tutorial”