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Free Pattern: Boiled Socks

Rainbow striped socks are shown on toddler feet

Are you looking for new ways to knit socks?

Have you been considering toe-up socks but don't know where to start? This is the pattern for you!

Boiled is the first in my series of stockinette socks.

Dip your toes in with this first pattern - it's as easy as boiling an egg!

This pattern is also available as a free YouTube series.

Video 1 can be found here

This pattern has been fully tech edited to ensure that it is clear and error free.

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- Size US 1.5 (2.5 mm) knitting needles in the size needed to meet specified gauge, in your preferred style for small circumference knitting

- Size US 1 (2.25) knitting needles in the size .25mm smaller than gauge needles.

- Yarn: 120 (210, 255, 300, 390) yds / 110 (190, 233, 272, 356) meters of fingering weight yarn. Sample uses Must Stash Yarn "Must Match Sock" in the "Kama Sutra" colorway. " (450 yds / 410 m) per 100g hank | 75/25 Superwash Merino / Nylon)

- Tapestry Needle


Cast On (JMCO through TOE)

Heel turn (Short Row Heel)

Bind off (JSSBO)


32 stitches and 44 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette in the round

Sizes available (Finished Sock Size):

Toddler (Child, Women's S, Women's M/L, Men's M)

5 (6, 7, 8, 9) inches / 13 (15, 18, 20.5, 23) cm in circumference

*measured around the ball of the foot*


Circ = circular needle

K = knit

Kfb = knit in front and back of next stitch

Ktbl = knit through back loop

P = purl

PM = Place stitch marker

St(s) = stitch(es)

W&T = Wrap and turn. On RS of work, slip next st to right needle, bring yarn forward, slip stitch back to left needle, and turn work. On WS of work, slip next stitch to right needle, bring yarn back, slip stitch back to left needle, and turn work.


Measure the circumference of the ball of the intended wearer’s foot. For children, choose a size that is 0.5” (1.25 cm) smaller than their foot circumference. For adults, choose a size that is 1” (2.5 cm) smaller. This will ensure a snug fit, which is especially important when knitting a non-elastic stitch like stockinette.


With larger needles, use Judy’s Magic Cast on to cast on 12 (16, 20, 20, 24) sts,

6 (8, 10, 10, 12) on each needle.

Set up round: PM, K 6 (8, 10, 10, 12), PM, ktbl 6 (8, 10, 10, 12). The first half of the stitches are the Instep, the second half are the sole.


*Slip all markers as you come to them

Work Round 2 (below) a total of 4 times.

16 sts increased, 28 (32, 36, 36, 40) sts total.

Then, alternate working Rounds 2-3 until you have a total of 40 (48, 56, 64, 72) sts.

Round 2: (k1, kfb, knit to 2 sts before marker, kfb, k1) twice

Round 3: Knit every stitch on both needles.


Knit every stitch around until your work measures

1.25 (1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25)” / 3 (4, 4.5, 5, 5.5) cm shorter than wearer’s total foot length.

Remember, for a good fit, make the sock approximately 0.5” (1 cm) shorter than the actual wearer’s foot length for an adult foot, and

0.25” (0.5 cm) shorter for a child’s foot.


The heel will be worked on the second half of the stitches. Since you just finished working these stitches, you need to turn your work before continuing.

Row 1: purl to last st, w&t

Row 2: knit to last st, w&t

Row 3: purl to stitch before wrapped stitch, w&t

Row 4: knit to stitch before wrapped stitch, w&t

Repeat Rows 3-4 until you have 6 (8, 10, 12, 12) unwrapped stitches remaining

Rows worked in heel: 14 (16, 18, 20, 24)

You will now work back across the heel, picking up and working the wraps with the stitches as indicated:

Row 5: purl to closest wrapped stitch, w&t (2 wraps now on the same stitch)

Row 6: knit to closest wrapped stitch, w&t (2 wraps now on the same stitch)

Row 7: purl to closest wrapped stitch, purl both wraps with stitch, w&t

Row 8: knit to closest wrapped stitch, knit both wraps with stitch, w&t

Repeat Rows 7-8 until all of your stitches have been worked except the two outermost stitches.

Row 9: purl until you have 1 st left, purl stitch with both wraps, wrap last stitch before marker, turn

Row 10: knit until you have 1 st left, knit both wraps with stitch.

Begin working in the round again


Insert right needle from front to back into the stitch that is one to the right, and one below the next active stitch. Yarn over, pull the loop through to the front (1 st picked up). Slip the newly made stitch onto the left needle, and knit it together with the first stitch of the round, knit to marker, knitting the wrap with the last stitch before the marker, knit to last st before marker, pick up and knit the wrap with the stitch.


Knit every stitch until your sock leg measures approximately the same length as the foot of your sock. Check this by folding your work in half at the heel – your needles should be right about where the widest part of the toe is – at the end of the increases.


**Switch to smaller needles**

Pattern Round: (k1, p1) around.

Work pattern round for 1.25 (1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25)” / 3.25 (3.75, 4.5, 5, 5.75) cm.

Bind off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off or Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Better Bind Off.

(Video tutorials are linked above)

Repeat all instructions for second sock.


Finished items may be sold from my patterns if they are your handmade work, but may not be mass produced. Standard copyright restrictions apply to the pattern itself. You may not sell, distribute, copy and paste the pattern itself to other websites, or otherwise reproduce my patterns or any of their charts, images, or written descriptions without written permission from me. Use of this pattern indicates agreement to these terms.


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