Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO

“The shop update is at 7 pm, and last time it sold out within 30 minutes!” Have you seen those words in the past from a yarn dyer you loved and panicked? You’ve experienced FOMO. FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) is that anxious feeling you get when you see a product or event thatContinue reading “Preparing for Stash Enjoyment 2021 – FOMO”

Stash Enjoyment 2021

I recently found the GORGEOUS array of yarns in the photo above when I went digging through my stash for a potential project. My husband had asked for a stripey poncho (it turns out he actually wants a cabled hoodie, but more about that later!) so I set to work putting colors together.  He lookedContinue reading “Stash Enjoyment 2021”

Afterthought Heel Pickup Photo Tutorial

Ready to cut your knitting? This tutorial is for a true afterthought heel – one where you measure to the correct spot, and then follow the instructions below to begin to insert the heel. If you’re wondering why I don’t knit a line of waste yarn into the sock at the correct height, it’s becauseContinue reading “Afterthought Heel Pickup Photo Tutorial”

Choosing your first Tunisian Crochet Hook

If you’re at this post i’m guessing by now a pretty nifty Tunisian Crochet design (maybe even one of mine) has caught your eye! But, you’ve been told you need a special hook that will likely need to be ordered online. Which hook is the best? Which size do you buy? Should it be straight,Continue reading “Choosing your first Tunisian Crochet Hook”


Goal writing posts are everywhere this time of year, and apparently my blog is no different! This year I’m making goals that are more general and attainable, rather that super specific. Goal 1: Finish or Frog all WIPS started before 2020. I did a lot of this already, and I’m down to about 9 WIPS/UFOS.Continue reading “Goals”