Uplift Make Along April Sponsors (Part 1)

The Uplift Make Along is in full swing! So far it’s been a great time of discovering new designers, exploring the Mighty Network together, and dipping our toes into the pool of the event.

This first sponsor post has been a long time coming because makers keep offering prizes (and because my computer intermittently decides to stop working)! I waited until I have all the current prize donations logged so I can divide them up evenly between months as well as prizes that ship in the USA only vs internationally. Please note that these shipping restrictions are at the discretion of the sponsor, specified when they donated the prize.

  • Winners for these prizes will be drawn via random selection (Random Number Generator [RNG] for Mighty Networks posts with the “Finished Object” topic tag, and either an RNG or hashtag chooser for Instagram posts of Finished Projects for the event using the #UpliftMakeAlong hashtag.
  • Winners will be instructed to contact the donor with their shipping details. If the donor does not receive an email within 1 week, another winner will be drawn via the same method as above.

Without further ado, here are the Prize Sponsors for April!
Sponsor’s businesses (if they are a business) can be found by clicking on their name at the top of their post.

Holly Press Fibers

skeins of yarn in the back of a translucent white square with black text reading "Uplift Make Along Prize Sponsor: Holly Press Fibers. Winner's choice of one in-stock sock set. #UpliftMakeAlong. www.hollypressfibers.com

(Shipping to USA + Canada Only)

Fiber Swag

6 wood etched stitch markers labeled: In a clockwise direction, starting at the top left: "Sheepicorn," "Sheepsquatch," "The Sheepken," "Medusheep," "Mersheep," "Pegasheep"

(Ships to USA only – 1 set each to 3 winners)
Description from maker: Available as outlines or shaded.

These hand crafted stitch markers will help you keep track of your place in your next knit or crochet project. Each light weight wooden stitch marker measures 1 inch in diameter. The closed metal ring measures just over 8 mm in diameter, fitting comfortably on up to a size 10 (US) knitting needle. The metal ring is a snag free, soldered jump ring. Alternatively, these can be made with a lobster clasp that will fit over a size 5 (US) knitting needle or a larger lobster claw that will fit over a size 11 (US) knitting needle.

Over the Moon Yarn

Plastic ice cream cone stitch marker on a background of multicolored sprinkles Two knit hats designed to look like ice cream cones lay on a white background, demonstrating the "Ice Scream" pattern by Over the Moon Yarns

Ships Worldwide – Ice Scream hat kit (knit)

Description from Maker:

An aran weight hat that looks like 3 scoops of ice cream melting down a waffle cone completed with a cherry on top pom pom.
The yarn is Asteroid Aran 100% superwash merino. The kit contains 1x 100g skein of aran and 3x 25g skeins of contrasting aran weight minis for your ice cream flavours. The kit is complete with red green and brown yarn to make the pompom on top.  Along with an acrylic space ice cream stitch marker and of course the pattern!

Dodo Beadworks

Two beaded stitch markers are clipped on a white hank of yarn. The left marker is a spiral, red/white/black pattern, the right marker is a frog who appears unamused to be a stitch marker!

Ships Worldwide – Stitch Marker Set

Description from maker: I offer two types of progress keepers in my shop so I thought it would be fun to offer a prize package that included one of each: one peyote stitched Bead Tube Progress Keeper with Black, White, and Cranberry Red Beads along with a brick stitched Green Frog Progress Keeper.

They were each created through a process of weaving tiny little glass beads to other tiny little beads over and over again to produce a progress keeper that’s as adorable as it’s lightweight.

Thank you, prize sponsors, for your generosity!
If you like what you see, you can check out the makers shops by clicking on their names – they have lots of wonderful products!
Remember you can join the Uplift Make Along in the Mighty Network or by using the Instagram hashtag #UpliftMakeAlong

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